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“Homeschooled,” A Web Series

By January 17, 2011March 20th, 2011Homeschooled

So, it’s a Friday afternoon. You’re stuck at work. You hate your life. How do you make it through the day?

Stupid Internet videos. Lots of them.

Lucky for you, I’ve been hard at work on a brand, spanking new web series called Homeschooled for my good pal Mr. Matthew Morgenthaler. The series follows Mickey, a lovable slacker type, who’s just recently been expelled from his high school — quite literally, too cool for school. So, he’s forced to spend his days at home with his mom, step-dad, step-sister, half-brother, hot housekeeper and crazy-pants landscaper. What entails is a dazzlingly funny array of hijinx, mischief and swear words, all wrapped in a pretty 5-minute video package for the world to feast upon.

The series was shot on a 5D Mk. II, with sound recorded separately using (I think?) a Zoom recorder. Pretty sweet setup. Matt’s a great guy and the series has been an absolute blast to work on thus far. We’re releasing a new episode every Tuesday, so make sure to mark your calendars, set your Blackberries and call your mother back home (not because she’ll like the series — in all likelihood, she’ll probably be very offended and hate it — but because you should just call your mom as often as possible. She DID give birth to you, after all).

Visit the website to see more: