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Killing Time

By April 9, 2011Killing Time

I’m excited to announce a brand new project I’m directing and editing for my good pals over at BNH Productions.

Killing Time

In every single one of my favorite, classic horror movies, there’s a moment when the unsuspecting, ample-bosomed teenage girl stupidly walks into an isolated room, where she inevitably meets her end in a horrifically bloody and probably naked way. The masked killer patiently waits, always ready to slash away with his trusty hatchet / axe / knife / plush toy. With that in mind, Killing Time asks the question: what’s the killer doing while he’s waiting? Besides playing Angry Birds, of course.

The pilot episode has been shot and we’ve got tons more episodes in the works. We’ll have the first episode up and ready to go within the next few weeks, so look forward to following the misadventures of Baghead, the world’s worst serial killer.