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GoldenBox Premiere Screening

By May 9, 2011July 5th, 2011Children of the Air, Getting Personal, GoldenBox

A very exciting day indeed! GoldenBox will make its official theatrical premiere this coming Sunday, May 15th @ 6pm in the Norris Cinema Theatre on the USC campus.

I’ll be screening alongside five (5) other USC thesis films (including our very own Children of the Air, which I produced for good friend and talented filmmaker Damian Horan). We’re all planning to take a collective sigh of relief now that we’ve traversed the dangerous world of graduate film school and escaped with only a few scabs and scrapes and not yet enough financial debt that we’ve proceeded with auctioning off major organs on the black market. At least… so far.

For more details, check out the Facebook event: Some Assembly Required: A Collection of USC Thesis Films

We’ve dubbed the event “Some Assembly Required” for a few reasons: 1) It sounds cool 2) We can screen our movies and poke fun at the endlessly susceptible IKEA at the same time and 3) Each of the films has an innocent, child-like quality to it, not unlike a child’s toy chest or cartoon instruction manual. It’s quite the eclectic mix, so it looks to be an action-packed evening.

And did I mention there would be free beer and wine? Because there’s going to be free beer and wine.

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