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GoldenBox Wins Best Student Film at HollyShorts Film Festival!

By August 21, 2011Getting Personal, GoldenBox

I’m honored to announce that GoldenBox was most graciously awarded Best Student Film at the 7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival!

In a packed upstairs room at the Hollywood landmark Geisha House (which, by the way, has the most incredible food, like, ever), GoldenBox was spotlighted as one of the top films of the fest, an amazing honor given all the talent and top-quality stories we had seen throughout the week. A big thank you goes to the fest organizers and sponsors, as well as all the friendly filmmakers I had a chance to meet at the various screenings and events.

[dcs_img width=”480″ height=”320″ thumb=”true” framed=”black”
author=”Matt MacDonald and Johnny Wactor at the GoldenBox screening” desc=””
lightbox=”true” title=”Matt MacDonald and Johnny Wactor”]

Film festivals almost feel kind of like summer camp. You go for a week or so, make a lot of new friends and then come home and write each other letters to keep in touch. It’s awesome. I’ve never actually been to summer camp, forced instead to live vicariously through the classic Disney Channel hit Bug Juice. Thanks HollyShorts for the summer camp experience!

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