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GoldenBox at the BendFilm Festival in Oregon

By October 7, 2011November 26th, 2011Getting Personal, GoldenBox

Oregon is cold. Far colder than Los Angeles. And much greener. I haven’t had the need to dust off the ole winter jacket for quite some time, but it’s definitely been worth it for the BendFilm Festival.

Nestled near the snowy mountaintop of Oregons, Bend is a quaint little town of about 80,000 people and home to one of the Top 20 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in the BendFilm Festival.

Our experience so far here with GoldenBox has been nothing short of phenomenal. An amazingly well-organized and efficient festival, along with beautiful scenery and genuinely friendly locals have really made this festival one worth remembering. Thankfully, the buzz for GoldenBox has been astoundingly positive. A great piece on the local evening news:

A few other choice images:

Local plant life! It's green!

GoldenBox in the program

Old school buildings from the early 1900s

Definitely looking forward to the rest of Bend and very excited to announce more festival acceptances very soon!

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