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Bite Me

By February 26, 2012July 17th, 2012Machinima

The dead walk!

My how time flies (or dies?)! I’ve been busy these past couple months staring at flesh-craving creatures as part of the editing team for the second season of the hit show Bite Me, the breakout horror / comedy live-action sensation from As part of the series announcement, I edited this teaser trailer, which currently sits at just under 400,000 views on YouTube.

Bite Me follows three gamer best friends as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse using the skills they’ve cultivated from years of playing classic video games like the Resident Evil franchise. The first season garnered close to 15 million views on YouTube and for more than a year and half now, the public has clamored for a second season.

Production took place over the course of three weeks in late 2011, with the series slated to begin airing March 6th. The project is a co-production between Lionsgate and Capcom, with a budget close to $1.5 million, and is slated to air on Lionsgate’s specialty cable network FEARnet.

The series was shot on a wide range of mixed media, with primary photography taking place on two RED MXs. Additional footage included a Red EPIC, Sony AF100, Canon 5D Mk. II, iPhone, and an entire motion comic sequence. Directed by my good buddy Jarrett Lee Conaway, Bite Me is all about kicking ass and taking names. And playing video games. And kicking more ass. And playing more video games.

If you dig blood, guts, and gore, this series is for you.

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