The Invention of Video Games

By October 30, 2012Invention

Behold! The latest thing to crawl out from the dungeon!

I’m extremely proud and excited to reveal my latest directing project — “The Invention of Video Games” — a silly-fun short for the good people over at Red 5 Studios. Many months ago, the ever-so-talented producer Cindi Rice told me about Red 5’s newest project: a digital studio focused on providing new and interesting stories for the digital space. “Well gosh,” I thought to myself, “that sounds pretty awesome.” And thus began the always-exciting journey of making it happen, where Invention became one of the inaugural films funded for the “Continuum” series of Red 5’s vision: Stage 5 Studios.

I’d be remiss to exclude talking up the genius / insanity of my good buddy Anthony Falleroni, who I teamed with to write and produce this little monstrosity.

I hope you enjoy the 4:37 minutes of pure ridiculousness within. My goal is to amend classroom textbooks to include this factual retelling of one of history’s most pivotal moments.

Check it out on YouTube!

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